“I knew everything…yet as every fiber of my being was inflamed to action, then it was that the flame of painting came to my rescue.”

– Sir Winston Churchill

Her Ladyship personally empathizes with the words of her great uncle. It is the realization of this passion that led Lady Lori to her love… the creation of fine art.

Lady Lori’s paintings bring both tradition and genius to the painting world. Her intimate knowledge of the molecular bonding of oils and the brilliance of her photographic memory contribute to the priceless creations of her legacy. Her paintings explode with the blending of the Oil & Crystal®. Her powerful strokes give the discriminating buyer a never-ending experience. Her creations explore many different subject matters as her artistic visions come to her in the twilight of the dawn, when she wakes to paint with feverish intensity.

In one of her many moments of inspiration, Lady Lori relayed the depth of her passion in the following words: “There is a fine line between pure genius and insanity. Yet in that line there lays an explosion of prismatic images that float between the worlds of thought, premonition and energy. It is this vision that I capture with oil and brush to forever be enjoyed by those of distinguished taste.”

Lady Lori possesses a variety of talents. Her award winning pursuits include the study of medicine, Doctor of Naturopathy, study of human anatomy, and financial stock market interplay.

“I don’t let the disappointments in life define who I am.
The magic within may have been piled high with confusion and trash, but my essence still managed to gleam forth.”

– Lady Lori Spencer Churchill