Lady Lori, Camilian, Changeling, Chimaera…

Welcome to my mind. Contained within these hallowed halls are the pigments of my imagination. The beauty displayed here is only a fraction of what the eye truly beholds in an original Oil & Crystal® painting. As you search the inner truths contained within these works, I invite you to grasp the essence and the beauty that you will uncover throughout these pages. May these images refresh your soul and raise you to new heights of creativity.

Endless Possibilities: Art That Chooses You

Lady Lori, Her Grace, Princess of Eardley Hungary of Transylvania

Invites you into this sacred space

Where truth meets light

And hidden emotions

Pour into tranquility.

Astronomer ~ Ice Skater ~ Public Speaker ~ Investment Banker ~ Naturopath   Meteorologist ~ Tutor ~ Scuba Diver ~ Stockbroker

The Proof Is In The Painting.

Diana’s Temple

Her Grace

Marine Magic

Majestic Gardens

The Royal Crest

The Crystal Scepter

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